Home Services 

 Virus, Malware, & Spyware Removal (Complete)

Our team of seasoned professionals has a proven track record of delivering exceptional service to a diverse clientele, spanning homeowners, small businesses, and corporate entities. We possess the expertise to handle projects of any scale with ease. Whether it's meticulous product procurement, seamless installations, cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, or efficient low voltage wiring, we offer holistic solutions to meet your needs. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every aspect of our work is customized precisely to your preferences. Experience excellence firsthand by reaching out to us without delay. Contact us today or give us a call, and let us surpass your highest expectations.

Wireless Network Installation (Complete)

Wireless networks play a vital role in keeping your office connected and ensuring smooth operations. However, it's essential to recognize that an unsecured network can expose you to significant security threats, potentially resulting in substantial financial losses. At Enduserz, we specialize in crafting secure networks explicitly tailored to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities and protect you from malicious attackers. With our expertise, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your network is fortified against any potential harm. Don't compromise on security—trust Enduserz to create a specialized network solution that shields your business from potential threats.

Data Recovery & System Backup Services (Complete)

Computer networks contain important documents, emails, and other files that help keep a company running properly. But what if all of that data disappeared or wasn't accessible when needed? 

In preventing catastrophic situations like this, we provide certified network engineers to install the proper software for your protection.

Laptop & Desktop Repair Services (Complete)

Hundreds of millions of people globally rely on their PC or laptop to access the internet on a daily basis. Whether you work from home or just use it for fun, we will make sure your computer is fixed whenever there is an issue.

Let Enduserz helps you avoid any hassle or inconvenience with our premium repair services.

Home Computer Repair Services (Complete)

Is your computer running slow or has crashed unexpectedly? Enduserz can help you get back on track instantly. Our services include setting up programs like email accounts, configuring hardware, such as home cameras, scanners, printers, and even cellular devices. We service all computer desktop and laptop brands and will fix all of your devices at home.

Training Plus Service (Complete)

Enduserz's certified computer experts will help you with any computer subject you have in mind, from the most complex situations to whatever needs to be solved.

We are able to walk you through any program to show you how to operate them correctly. Our customer services include teaching our clients advanced business functions and assisting them with the fundamentals of operating a computer.

It is our duty to make our clients feel comfortable & satisfied.

Business Services

Small Business Server Installation Services (Complete)

Our server installation services are critically assessed before and after, making sure any and all servers are running optimally. 

Consolidating company data and software applications enables our clients to move software, data, files, and digital assets off desktops, laptops, and onto secure databases that are also backed up.

>  Data Migration

>  Mail Server Filtering

> Microsoft & Linux Server Setup

>VM Infrastructure Setup

Wireless Router & Firewall Configuration (Complete)

Your business's network will always be safe and secure with us through proper server and firewall management. We assist our clients with:

> Identify and Block Unwanted Traffic

> Protect Your Business Data Both Internally & Externally

> Control How Employees Utilize Your Network(s)

> Prevent Security Disasters (Unwanted Breaches)

Reliable Data Backup Services & Solutions (Complete)

If your business requires its data to be retrieved at any time, our Data Backing services will immediately provide you with your data at hand.

The software architectures used are designed to continuously upload all information of a business to the directed databases that we manage.

Recovery is very easy for us and includes:

> Automatic Backups (Instant)

> Incremental Backups

> Timely Data Transfers

> Verification Report Backups

> Local & Cloud Backups

Outsourced IT Support (Complete)

In need of expert technicians to get your business on track and not worry about your operations? We will help design a bulletproof plan to make sure your company always stays above water. Our Outsourced IT services include:

> 24/7 365 Helpdesk Support

> Remote Support

> On-Site Tech Support

> Proactive Maintenace 

> IT Management Support

> Cyber Security Support

>Disatser Recovery Support

Small Business Printer Installation, Networking, and Repair  (Complete)

Are you positive your business knows the best way to set up care for their printers? All office needs high-quality printers that are reliable and maintain a good connection consistently.

> Configuring Printers

> Wi-Fi Printer Connectivity

> Software Installation (PC & Printer)

> Local Printer Setup

> Display Proper Printer Functionality